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Philadelphia: 12 indicted in alleged family-run N. Camden drug network


More than a dozen people have been indicted after law enforcement officials in New Jersey on covered a family run her win in Fenton all operations K. Y. W. skin Glover says more on operation strikeout New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir gray wall says the drug network operated in a violent north Camden neighborhood charges against those involved include first degree racketeering making illegal and untraceable ghost guns and related drug crimes Wilbert segera of Camden the alleged ring leader is charged with first degree leading a narcotics trafficking network that carries a sentence of life in prison including twenty five years without parole the indictment alleges that the network sold single dose wax folds of heroin and fentanyl starting in January twenty nineteen and operated around the four hundred block of grant street in north canton it also had a second location on Whitaker Avenue in Philadelphia the single doses carried names like sponge Bob bad boys and the Lizzy gang investigators say the bad boys heroin has been linked to fatal overdoses eight of the fourteen involved in the operation were arrested last October in addition hundreds of wax folds of heroin and fentanyl were seized guns and plans to make ghost gun assault rifles and semi automatic pistols and seventy grams of pure fentanyl

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