Bernie Sanders holds a rally after South Carolina primary results


And we're back talking South Carolina primary I'm joined by Jill painter democratic strategist Dave Weigel national reporter covering politics for The Washington Post and Jamie Lovegrove political reporter at the post and courier in South Carolina Dave I wanted to talk about what Bernie Sanders did yesterday which is he didn't spend the day in South Carolina he was up in Boston at a big rally he was in Virginia with a big rally obviously sending the message to voters democratic voters like oh Hey remember I'm the guy who still gets the big rallies I'm the the sort of enthusiasm generator in this race what do you think his strategy is going to be going forward they're still kind of spinning a look he did well with young black voters but he did he did that before it's kind of a strange thing for for Sam's is because this is a guy who kept running after he was basically out of Hillary Clinton but it's been so great the the twin images of inevitability in excitement that you are doing harm if you don't just get behind this candidate however not that X. they're not that explicitly states that they handed this and that no no one is able to draw as many voters as he is mean there's an ad in South Carolina they ran from of a supporter who switched from Biden to Sanders and she argued very explicitly that she wanted to see the same kind of lines you softer rock Obama in twenty twenty the implication being Joe Biden can't do that and and bring Sanders can but yes Sam Biden blew it away without those those big wind standards are still not quite sure what to think of the fact that down trump and Bernie Sanders get these enormous crowds and the other can and find does not mean he's not he's never been able as it canton right to get a big crowd and he didn't South Carolina and it didn't matter it didn't matter the going for that's a big part of your argument is look we're going to come out of this in super Tuesday with a possible popular vote majority with a possible pledged delegate majority it's just that after that point people she should consider whether they really want to go for a establishment candidate who is much weaker than Hillary Clinton was I think that's that might become a bit more explicit that that said they've they've been counting chickens a lot recently the Sanders people if memory member in the debate recently there's a there's a hand show in in Nevada of whether the person with the most played W. should be the nominee so Sanders still has the most like delete after after South Carolina by little the expectation is that he'll do well enough himself and in California to get the most pledged delegates but they keep kind of basing decisions on what the polling says we just saw understate as Jimmy pointed out where the polling actually overestimated him an underestimated Joe Biden so when I talk about California they feel good about it but they talk about California S. is a situation where literally Sanders can get almost every single delegate without because you know you need the fifteen percent threshold and they look at a poll that says thirty Warren fourteen okay looks like no one else across the threshold that's it's not obvious they will so we're so I'm talking a lot to get to this hit to get to the point of how we need to get more vote results to know where they're going they're going to make those that after yesterday Burton it's Joe Biden not Bernie Sanders who has more popular votes in the hunt for the nomination so they've been talking as if no one will be able to catch Bernie Sanders very I think as much as more than more than some other campaigns we're sort of writing the Biden obituary of the made pretty good but just trying to write that obituary in the summer when he said it was down to him and Warren and so I I don't think they have rhetorically prepared for a world in which there is a real competition between them inviting and the issue with find is that he is indeed a a problematic candidate I mean we saw in the last week in South Carolina that he just made up a story where he was the hero during a during a party he has long rambling answers and town halls I mean he is in some way he is in many ways it's not as good as a as a competitor as Hillary Clinton was but you have a democratic electorate that is scrambled and terrified and unsure of who to back you see this in the head of the newspaper endorsements to word Biden would be the candidate normally getting all these newspaper endorsement saying both the most qualified candidate instead it's going to close the shore or in South Carolina when two people to judge the

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