Forget foldables: TCL shows off the first ‘rollable’ phone concept


Joining us now is Jason Hiner he is the editorial director at scene at hi Jason Hey good to see good did you say good to see you on the radio of course this is something you've been talking about all of twenty twenty and that's going to keep continuing it is about all of these foldable bendable rollable cell phones yeah yeah you know it's it's really caught captured people's imagination we've had our phones have looked really similar for the past decade they've gotten larger than from his banner they do more things and the cameras are better but but they are pretty similar and so people are open clearly to ideas for how they could involve and what that could look like in folding things is something holding is one of the best human inventions right we we fold our clothes and put them in drawers we fold our papers up for the week put in our pockets we fold books of that they're protected you know we fold glasses down so that they're you know less likely to break when we you know when we are using them so fourteen it is a natural thing for for any kind of technology we've seen some really some hits and some misses the galaxy fold last year from Samsung had its problems the new Motorola razr was really interesting is our looks like our old flip phones and then now the galaxy V. flip also similar well there's a new one this week you know the that was showed off that TCL they have one called the dragon him just like a three way foldable that like three screens it's almost a given little accordion this is looks like a map it looks full old school rap that you would have in your car totally I think the thing to keep in mind with the support of all this I don't let's not get you married to any of these concept that you're seeing now because they may not be the most practical I've carried around is the flip for a couple weeks now and there's some things I like about it is and things I don't there's some things that make me think I probably wouldn't use it in place of like one of today's just black slabs of real then it might not be too practical I mean foldable glass this is all sounds like a negative article yeah that was so durability is one of the big concerns I mean although there is a double durability arguments he made for like the one that folds on itself like the the flip or you know if you drop that it's more protected than you know if you're dropping it in the snow hits the screen right we've all seen the people that walk around with broken screens because they've dropped their phone so you know there there could be some there will be I'm sure some uses to this weather all phones are gonna look like this or whether we're still gonna try to find you know where the real innovation is is yet to be seen and I think we should think about it potentially for other kinds of devices to Sir you know game consulate future wearable devices of the future you know potentially making smartwatches better and and less like little tiny smartphones so there's a lot of uses for it and we're still just waiting to see how how different innovators take this in is the new direction so this is a triple folding phone what are they going to aim for next like a quadruple the you know five full what's the goal here yeah the goal is to get to you know we know that people like larger screens it's a larger screen phones are now sort of some of the most popular phones that are out there what we're trying to get you is a larger screen but not something that takes up a lot of space there are some other prototypes you're gonna see this year where folds that flight outlook just look like a normal phone today but the screen sort of slides into to you know kind of thing so the end game is to get you bigger screen because you're you can type easier on them you can watch videos better you can do all kinds of things more productively but if the end of the day when you're ready to just put it in your pocket or your bag then you know you want it to slide down to the smallest possible that's really that that is the end game with the thing okay doesn't really quick what's your verdict is it still too early on to buy these let the market kind of figure out to how to improve them and then by yes I would not recommend anyone buy these regular phone yet they're they're fun they are experimental if you love living in the future and you want a taste of it you know but don't make it your primary device that thank you for being honest with us editorial director at the net Jason Hiner thanks for

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