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And every time you hear the word Jim you have to you know Radley Gregor's these guys are just so loud in my ear balls but also in my face. You're both is a great name for a band. This unorthodox universities leading Jewish podcast. I'm Mark Oppenheimer joined by my co hosts Steffi Dick Hello Happy March deputy editor of Time magazine and her subordinate senior writer. reports to the deputy editor. Liel Liebowitz you may speak. Who reports only to God happy third Israeli elections to you third times that John or one could say happy Super Tuesday. All Super Tuesday must've ordinary election. That happened on the same calendar every four years. Everything must be so quick and it's in the constitution. The first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. You guys you mean you actually know in the next election is going to be and still we all you decide. Twelve percent turnout. We can literally PLAN AHEAD FOR YEARS. And we have low turnout. Isn't that just data? Something American another one. That's on the calendar. Though it's a calendar nobody understands porn is coming. It's a baby. They say poor is coming now. I've asked this question before. I think I asked every year. Israelis use the January February calendar. Yes but we also also attached them both. Yes so I'll wait on a given day. Let's okay so right now. It is March third here if I say to someone walking down the street in Tel Aviv. Like hey what day is it in a Dr. Do they know they'll definitely get Dr Okay. They'll be like oh is the search for the eighth like you miss a couple of days but definitely within striking distance. It's not quite as good as my Canadian. Friends who are bilingual in Celsius Fahrenheit. Bsa Hurts my brain. They can just feel like they can walk the way we can say. It's about fifty five. Fairmont they can also say whatever's decrease now what Putin yes adult. So William soon. If you're secular and you're you have not been you haven't seen Roche Code as you don't know that it's switched over to Dr but it doesn't matter you know because the calendars Jewish calendar. The holidays are Jewish holiday. So you move in from one to another so you know. Oh we're moving from Dr to Nissan kind of like teasha above. What does that on the night of like I mean that is just calling holidays by their days? That's right it's November. Twenty six giving actually Thanksgiving changes Thursday. Those stories but Saint Patrick's Day is always and I was like thirty seven before I do this March seventeenth. Isn't that interesting? That it's the Mush Seventeenth March seventeenth the snow. But you never know what day Christmas. A Long Time. I thought Christmas was like a Tuesday. In December that Jewish bubble burst in a DR? You've given Tuesday Tuesday away. Let me press a little bit deeper here. You're like well but it's the Jewish but the thing is secular Israelis don't know or care about they've heard of tissue above but they don't observe it at all. They observe observed around them. First of all just by virtue of every single restaurant being closed. Yes you kind of observe it in. No it's around all the newspapers we don't op eds about this. This tissue above. It's important to remember that we should hate one another. It's so the way that I know that removing towards Saint Patrick's Day because all of the pubs in New England are just putting a beer. Even though it's not my holiday I just I can't escape it. That's the way it is with Israel and on above it was like the second night we got there. We were like. Oh my God. We're not GONNA have anywhere to go into these restaurants. They open but they get a fine but they decide. It's worth it. You know the trendier restaurants as toward the fine because they get too much business because no one no one else can go to any other restaurants. Okay let's who's who's on the shows we us. Our show is in bad porn inflected. This week we're going to have a carnival. Esca conversation with fashion world icon Isaac Mizrahi. And we're going to talk with Semipalatinsk in higher who are the sisters behind the frock? Nyc A company that offers high end modest clothing for the religious but fashion forward women's sneeze in style is world. We're also going to talk with. Rabbi Ari lamb who was going to give a quirky alternative reading an ultra reading if you will of poem explaining why this holiday ain't exactly what you thought. It was but first before you do any of that. We have to have the ritual presentation of the gifts Leona we've each been carrying around a gift. We've been meaning to give to the other Dr. I finally put it in my backpack this morning before I got on the train. And this is what it is this thing of great beauty beautiful color photograph. You know three five or so four by six of a beautiful feline creature. I think it's called a cat. I believe so. It's sort of a golden colored cat. Lying Ba- lulling happily the Belgians of the animal world. And it's in a frame of gold sequence sparkly frame. What do you think this is Leo? I'm presenting it to you. I am so baffled by this Catholic away not marks cat and this is not something that mark created correct because it would be very very rude if market view. A picture of a cat and me correct so I think this is something that someone gave you along various routes across the country byways yes the highways someone gave this to you and said give this to Leo. That is where I end because I don't get the cat connection. Why would anyone ever do that? Still offended or five thousand percent feelings are very hard correct. Grace came up to me. You know who this is. Why saying no. This cat handed me this. She was with her mother. They were lovely wonderful people. They came up to me after my great event in Wia missing the JC of greater reading Pennsylvania and had to said. Would you please give this to Leo? It is a picture. A photograph of our cat. Grace said Tevi Leo and this is the cat she named after you. I mean Middle Name Anyway. L. E. L. I now pronounce you the only acceptable cat in all Katom. This is a New Orleans through cat and I will cherish your golden photograph. This is the high priest upon my mental. I what I get from people is Mrs being sent to me. I won't take more pictures of cats enough cats. I get nothing right and I would like to say something. Something right now is it. Is it a quarter a shirt for my status as the Corduroy Rav listeners? That's what I want if you're so inclined since Corey. Rav a corridor assure size media for his commission quarterback on this podcast. Or is that? Just like your doff. Every quarter arrive So I went to the Y. You to the Shiva University Sephora Sale. Which is the amazing sale that the students put out once a year to sell amazing. You know books. There was a very fine swag section this year and among the swag section. I noticed the falling shirt which I think kind of incorporates a lot of of your religious spiritual ability to read it. It's a purple shirt. Stephanie what is what does it say. Nice Jersey to love is bread. Love deep cut to the Breslau Verhaas ID community. Who's buying that shirt? Besides you for Mar Wrestler Causes People stoned out of their minds is the answer. Which frequently is kind of the same thing? The great thing about the shirt. And thank you Leo. The great shirt is when I wear it. Nine hundred ninety nine point one thousand will walk by and not not. My shirt and one person will stop me break. Dude AWESOME SHIRT. I like the UCF thousand people in new haven. One person would be like I would like to marry you. Thank you I will. I as we discussed earlier. You said they don't have a present for me. They didn't have a size medium. I note that it's a size ex ex. L Sheepish X. Excel so it's like the size no half half large in. It's excellent for small men and I I have to say no one brought me anything. So thank you both. It's been really great podcast listeners. Please step up. I need a corduroy shirt. Stephanie needs something to make her feel like she belongs. But seventy what's going on in your life nothing nothing. We had a great event in Naples mark and I finally hit the road. The two of us and we had like a great thing. Going on Bob Bank off the former New Yorker cartoon editor was rather speaker is very fun. It's GonNa come on the show. It was wonderful that reminds. I need to buy that. Mug that the Moses Cartoon From The New Yorker the shows in parting the Red Sea and people are like. He's all right. I just wish she was a little more pro. Israel favorite thing. Speaking of of media figures the New York Times ran an article this week on that. They've probably run before and that they could have run years ago but they're finally catching up that there are women who perform ritual circumcisions as the gentiles. Say they're female. Moyle who is in the Hellas Front and Center Center is David Walter. Oppenheimer's Moyle my son's MOYLE. Emily Blake Dr Lake former guest on our show on Unorthodox and she gets some love from the New York Times Also in media consumption diet this week I want to remind listeners. And the J. Crew that I've been watching the TV show the reboot on Hulu of high fidelity. You're all assigned to go watch the original movie with John Cusak. We're going to be discussing it in a couple of weeks and to our listeners. Out there who are obsessive at TV shows. No we have not gotten to hunters yet. We have live. You're very excited. Because he got like seven thousand eight hundred three messages on facebook. Have you watched this? It's about Nazis like we. We understand it's just you know life is short. The Phase Rooker was interesting this week though. That was the thing our listeners were obsessed with. What was the thing that kind of got our attention in the facebook group? Another thing that roiled our facebook group which is one of my favorite places on the Internet was a place it is a. It's a place on the Internet where the articles called. Does religion influence your choice of pet? An unusual new study examined the link between religious views and pet ownership. And we find what it says here about the Jays Jews the second lowest percentage of pet owners aren't exactly feeling friendly. None in the survey owned a cat but sixty two percent owned dogs. Jews were also more likely than other groups to only bird or a small mammal and least likely to have fish so I don't know what to extrapolate from this bizarre survey of like thirty five people. Then you read the bottom line and like all literally all of these services like amount of Jews actually surveyed four four four four Jews in Minnesota fish owners are producers created his own poll of more scientific poll in the facebook group and got fifteen times the number of actual live Jews to respond than the other for cockpits. I'll tell you the ranking what say about pedals from the bottom or the top. The top one animal dog wins a good book. F- A cat goes second species not my pet. Bring into you cats. Pets. Ill is number three Good no pets. But not you is number four fishes five some other non-free thing than some other furry thing then finally some other combination of a large non-human menagerie. So this is great. We have like a nice sample size here. I think we should take this to like peer review at this point. What I love about this is there was a survey. They got coverage in the Minnesota newspaper. That surveyed thirty two humans. We got two hundred fifty Ju- responses in like what you can speak. It's more like five hundred. We did they. They definitely thirty two. I just made that number somebody one of our listeners. Hey guys it's Josh. Our producer one of our listeners went in and looked at the data that they Minnesota study used. The whole poll is like seven hundred people and thirty two Jews were in there so they got thirty two JEWS IN THEIR ENTIRE POLL. And we got five hundred. We basically are a leading Jewish research. Think-tank we'll take your foundation grant money now please. We are the leading explicatives Jewish trends in the world moving onto news of the Jews in the world other trends. Apparently Belgium's out the only place where they put offensive anti Semitic caricatures in their carnivals. There's a carnival float in Spain that featured Nazi uniforms and trains with Crematoria and Brazilian carnival. Recently featured costumes with swastikas and a local Jewish leader of course left to defend it as they always do and this is one of the most disturbing things is wherever they have anti Semitic parades. There's some poor sod local Jews like no my city's not anti Semitic. They're really nice to me. They haven't killed me and the parade is meant in good fun and in some ways like what it is to be an American Jew. I think is to be able to say no. We don't do. We're not cowering these the Corbin apologists or the Belgium apologised whatever and I. It's it's when we see anti Semitism we can say. Yep THAT'S ANTISEMITIC. Might not be the end of the world might not be Auschwitz. But let's call it for carnival about Ashley. I'm celebrating my own carnival and I'm having a float to celebrate sixty seven percent unemployment. Hey Spain I think people need to get a little more creative like I know we say. Never forget but like pick a new joke. Get a new costume. Get a little bit more creative. You want a subtler anti Semitic Mr Hall of costume is you. I mean it's so stupid. It's so easy to just be more creative hateful costume have to be about us. It's got to be more than just a little mustache armband. You know what I'm saying like Spain. What the flip like you WanNa do something Jewish you have the inquisition. It's.

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