A highlight from Millions Quitting Their Jobs AND Getting Higher Pay!


This work matters with bestselling author and syndicated talk. Show host ken. Coleman it's tuesday august seventeenth. Cnbc puts a headline. Which by the way. I reported on this last week. But this is this stuff cycles through the news so listen to this. A reminder another three point nine million people quit their jobs in june. I mean it's staggering. Now they didn't just quit and go home and play video games all right. That's not what that's not. What the headline is. Here's what's going on underneath. This is come from the. Us labor department's latest job update ready for this many of the three point. Nine million people who quit. They quit to something better who from paycheck to purpose. They're moving on up and they're making more money. Listen to this. The average wage growth for all workers increased just one point five percent in june compared to a year ago k. But it's up by five point eight percent for job switcher so everybody else is getting the wage increase of one point five percent above what they were making last june. All right. that's what that means. However wages went up five point eight percent nearly six percent for people who switch jobs so people stayed in the same job that got the one point. Five percent bump from last year and this is during a pandemic traditionally. It's usually average about three percent. Bump okay so people who switched jobs are doubling. What the normal bump. Just the annual increase in pay tends to be in the united states employs are having to compete for talent because of our current job situation. We at ten million jobs available eight point. Four eight point five million people unemployed. So we've got more jobs available than people who are unemployed so decrease this unbelievable demand for workers so what are they doing higher. Pay signing bonuses. Come home better. Benefits and more flexible work schedules. Let me give you that list one more time and when you sit here you're watching this. You're going okay. Why would i switch jobs right now. Ken will i don't know how about a signing bonus. Maybe how about a bump in pay. Maybe a how. 'bout better benefits baby. And how about more flexible schedules. I look i'm just telling you now is the time. This is not going to stay this way so for all of you kind of worried about it nervous about it. Call me will talk you through the steps not a jump. Now's the time. And there's still time for you to get qualified by the way i mean. Listen last week. We had ryan collins in the ceo of bethel tech look folks bethel tech dot net slash. Ken coleman in nine months online at your schedule and for fifteen thousand dollars or less. If you pay cash you can get qualified for the tech industry which is everywhere by the way it's like. The tech industry lives in every other industry. Right it's unbelievable. Hot hot hot. They have a placement rate of eighty percent. Ryan said they're placing people who are getting trained. They're not just training you. They place you at a clip of eighty percent of people getting jobs. By the way. I got gotta texas morning. We have eight. Ken coleman show viewers and listeners. Starting bethel tech next week. We'll you're rolling towards fifty people in just a few months of signed up. Yeah that's really awesome. Because the sky's the limit we're talking about starting pay of seventy thousand dollars or higher within a year to making six figures in the tech industry. So there you go folks.

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