How Facebook, Twitter, and Other Social Media Platforms Are Handling the Taliban


So we'll talk about that here coming up in just a minute as Brian was just talking about the different social media companies and their approach Facebook With the Taliban straight away, they banned the Taliban. From being able to to gain access their moderators shutting down accounts. If they find them Tiktok. They ended up doing 1 80. Originally they allowed the Taliban after backlash. They they stopped it. I think that's where their policies still sits. But Twitter is still allowing Taliban leadership to use her platform, and they've been adding hundreds of thousands of followers. As you know, the the platform of record, I suppose, in this country, your thoughts about the positions that the differences that are being taken here by these companies. Well, I think the biggest issue with the social media I mean not only amongst internally themselves consistency, but then consistency amongst the different platforms because a lot of us don't we know Twitter and Facebook and such a different companies, But we view it as as one large thing of social media. So when you can do it on one place, and you can't do it on another You know that becomes an inconsistency. But then when the platform itself, you know, I mean, there's obviously you know, the biggest, you know, sort of hypocrisy is, you know how can they do it? And and President Trump was Is still is still banned. But you can take us all the way back to 2010 with the Arab spring when they were using Twitter to coordinate all of these government regime changes and things like that. So what they allow and what they don't allow. They don't have consistent policies and I think that that shakes the confidence. And it

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