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99.7 help to Afghanistan. I'm Joe Chiro. Fox News. The U. S. Has sent more Marines to help evacuate Americans. The second wave of Marines arrived at Kabul's international airport under full combat load. $100 million to build a speech to his nation today, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani found not to give up over what he called the nation's largest achievements for the past 20 years. FOXES Lucas Tomlinson, a lawmaker says the city of Mazar e Sharif has now fallen to the Taliban. President Biden has pledged an immediate aid response to Haiti after 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck earlier today. The country is reporting at least 29 deaths, but that number is expected to rise. Reverend Franklin Graham is President of the humanitarian Aid Organization, Samaritan's Purse. The number one thing is water. You have to have water toast survived, and that's why the water purification We can take care of about 5000 people a day. With the two units that were taken down there, and we can take more if needed in the next, uh few days, the U. S. Geological Survey says epicenter was about 78 miles west of Puerto Prince. Newly formed Tropical Storm Grace turning of the Atlantic Ocean National Hurricane Center acting director Jamie Rome Right on the heels of friend it's Grace Grace, move off to the West Northwest and approach the Southeast Coast, the United States and in 45 days, it's really Too soon to say for sure what sort of impact Because there's a lot of land interaction. Tropical depression. Fred is expected to bring rain to parts of

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