Fits and Starts: SARS-CoV-2's Origin


The delta strain of the corona virus is completing its journey around the world today cases in new zealand spiked after. It hitched a ride from australia. But what about the original variant. The patient zero. What geneticists call the wild type before mutations made it more infectious its origins are still a mystery. Probably jumped from an animal to a human but the alternatives simply haven't been ruled out this week. The leader of the world health organization's mission to china said the answer could be research work. Gone wrong the. Who has asked china for permission to examine to corona virus. Labs in the city of wuhan. china refused. It's a question that won't go away and the answer isn't just about this. Pandemic it's crucial for navigating or even avoiding the next one from our estimates about fifteen million people so far have died of covert nineteen around the world and despite this the has been no thorough international investigation of how this virus originated in china at the end of two thousand. Nineteen natasha loader. Is the economists health policy editor. Who convened study that issued a report in march this year is really widely seen as being fatally flawed and thought the team leader from the international scientists side. Recent negree over some of its key conclusions. When you say fatally flawed. What do you mean. Well fundamentally the mission never had abroad investigation as part of its terms of reference.

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