Goldman Sachs AI Day Expectations


Robin our here. And today we're going to be talking about a couple of analysts. Updates one from goldman sachs about their expectations for a day. I think those are kind of helpful. Just to get a sense of what institutions are expecting for events like that then we've also got a bit of an update on that yuan. Musk source city. Trial some news out of china and a couple of stores as well bit of a tougher day for tesla again. Today though the stock did recover some in the afternoon ended up finishing down about three percent. Six hundred and sixty five dollars. Seventy one cents. The nasdaq was also down today. Nine tenths of a percent. So i know feels like a rough week for tesla. But it's been kind of a rough week for all automakers looking at a handful here you can see. Gm down six for instilling tests down about four and a half percent. Volkswagen in neo down seven percent expand down six percent average across the board of those down six percent so desolate spent a little bit worse. But not really all that much especially given the context of the nitsa investigation as the interest from that fades from earlier. this week. Everyone is going to be turning their attention to a idea of course scheduled for this thursday. It'll be five. Pm pacific time eight pm eastern time. I do believe tesla intends to livestream it. We don't have those details yet. But i think eli had previously said that they would though i can't find that tweet at the moment i'd be shocked if they didn't and also plan on live streaming as well so as i mentioned goldman sachs last night. Put out a note with their expectations for a day and in their introduction. They did note that this is going to be a purposeful recruiting event. So hopefully that stands from tesla has kind of cut through to most investors and. I think that really helps to keep expectations a lot. More realistic in terms of what was going to be talking about as goldman sachs. They expect hustle to talk about five key topics which they outlined in this note. I they say they expect us to discuss its. Ai neural net now strained. I would agree. That is something that we've heard tesla talk about both at autonomy day and then if you followed andrea carpathia presentations. He's talked a lot about those sort of

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