Three Signs You Shouldn't Buy Whatever Someone is Selling


Three signs. You shouldn't buy whatever someone is selling number one when they have king of the puddle syndrome. I'm basically an omni channel marketing ninja. Lucas told us. Once i optimize your seo you'll increase your sales by a thousand percent. I'm the best at what i do. You mean the best within a two mile radius. My intern muttered under her breath. Sending me an i role the marketing ninjas self-confidence was sky high but his pitch read on how do your metric compared to competitors i ask him other digital marketers had shown us track records of two to three point conversion rate increases. But lucas was baffled. It seems he didn't consider that there were others like him out there. But with more data driven sales pitches he stammered. Yep but What i do can't be summed up in a single number. It's complex because i look at the whole picture that's a little vague lucas and we hard lucas. The marketing ninja our investment would probably have vaporized thankfully his pitch fit a pattern that made it quick and easy to rule out. Still people often get fooled by others. Self-confidence it's hard to be the only person in the room thinking. I'll be the judge of that and if you're not a subject matter expert it can be even harder to spot baloney but when you're about to be bamboozled. There are a few ways to tell that self confidence is just camouflage for a lack of substance one. They exhibit king of the puddle syndrome. The only way to be the best at something when you are in fact not the best is to shrink your reference circle until you are the best in the circle. That's how millions of people can claim to be the most sought. After life coaches health experts marketing gurus or ad agencies they could be sought after by millions of clients or merely sought after in their own neighborhood

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