What is The Shmita Year?

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We're so excited to jump into this topic of the sh- meter for the series. And for this year so hannah nib henza. Sarah's l. young welcome to judaism unbounded so great to have you here great. Severe here yeah really lovely to be joining today. I think you. I want to start just by understanding. What is your take the shumita projects take on the schmidt. And what it's all about. And how how are you moving forward with that. Take into practical reality at has own. We talk a lot about the jewish calendar rate like e cycles of time that we we're so familiar with going through every year right our holiday structure and the the weekly cycles of work and rest but one of the things. We don't talk that often about. Is this bigger seven year cycle. This this gift that comes around every seventh year called the schmidt a year in which we really get to take a step back and ask bigger systems wide questions around The way that these biblical concepts might have something to say for our our life today so traditionally if you read the original source tax the the original torah on what schmead to is. It sounds an awful lot lake. Will you were just talking about farmers or well. We're just talking about the way that we treat our land or harvests or You know it's a very place based thing on the surface but if you really look at the context there if you really start to have conversation with a about what what issue to. What is its relevance what is what are the rabbis trying to say the commentary around this this concept You really start to understand that. It's it's not just about agricultural rules and regulations. It's really about the way that we are living in relationship to land to the natural world to the cycles of the world that are around us to one another to debt to The the trappings of sort of modern life. And this is the thing that We really understand to be dynamic and fluid and constantly relevant

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