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Tackling your businesses finance to do can be daunting enough without being slowed down by quickbooks. More like slow books nets week. By oracle is the number one financial system no matter how big your business grows with visibility and control of your financial inventory. Hr ecommerce and more net tweet is everything you need to grow. All in one place. Special financing is back net sweet is offering a one of a kind financing program. Only for those ready to switch today at the next week dot com slash cease week right. Now that's next week dot com slash c. suite lord hear of em- penny stock. Hope you're doing well in this episode. I wanna talk to you guys. About what the most important strategies to increase your trading profits are all right. Because there's a lot of different things you can. Do you know tell you to study until you to learn. What exactly does that mean. What are the specific strategies out. We can go over and look into today to really improve improve your trading profits because it is possible. All right people are doing it all the time. And you know if you were trying to compete with wall street or hedge funds and i would probably say that you're not in in much luck but thankfully because of certain legal mandates and financial mandates pensions and other investment funds. We can't get competition here in our penny dot world and also for those of you listening. I knew i sometimes do content on both areas but also the same thing applies for anything in the crypto world. Right the reason that we're able to have success is because you're just versing other people and a lot of the time they're very uninformed and so this podcast and impending stop university as a whole is created to help you on a day to day basis. Improve your trading. So let's get right into it all right so the first thing that i need all of you guys have really wanna take your trading serious is to get some type of trading journal or have trading notes right whether you keep it in a physical journal whether you right in a word document in google drive by that you. Keep it into an excel spreadsheet. Doesn't matter the key thing is just having this type of journal and the whole aspect of behind it is to have certain socks right have look at certain ones and then be able to make certain predictions based off of your quick research on it or when you first start all who might take you ten fifteen minutes to do the right amount of technical analysis. Look at the charts look at the fundamental analysis meaning. The news of people are talking about it. Is there any good contractors. Any bad news coming up is a penny stock. Just you know if you look at the fundamentals real quick if you take a look at the balance sheet or the income statement using yahoo finance or in a lot of nowadays is a lot of stock softwares out there. I'll be doing an episode on it and have some recommendations over at in penny stock dot com. But you know if you want to be able to improve. You need to make sure that you're writing down in analysis of what you think if the stock is hannibal up the next day or if it's gonna go down or i have the right to simple head offices and the reason for that is because as you continue doing this right and this is going to lead into step to the watchlist as you. Keep kind of making improvements or making predictions on your wash list. The better off. You're gonna v because you'll start understanding l. looking as to why you either right or wrong and you'll be developing your trading skills. Now you're never gonna be one hundred percent right but a lot of the times. My traders usually get to a point of being eighty to ninety percent correct. And that really allows you to be very beneficial state because you can have confidence that you're looking at the right type of catalysts that are affecting the right and so going into what i just mentioned the second most important strategy for improving prophets but half the definitely be maintaining and building. Your watchlist okay. So a wash list for those of you guys are new. I'll might not be aware is basically a list of stocks that you're keeping an eye on right that you believe may have some type of volatility that you can day trade awful so for example asaf that might make the wash list is any socks for example that recently broken a fifty two week high usually some of the stocks that allowed in the times. The market seems to overreact. All right so if you go to thin dot com for example or go to an pennies knock dot com to our stock screening tool fin viz israeli. Good also because it'll show you the top gainers in the top losers of the day and in any day of the stock market you'll probably see a gainer meaning. Stock went up about anywhere from thirty to one hundred plus percent right So if you're shorting usually might happen is at meal. Go down on a certain kind of tactics. You can take a look at to see whether or not that's not gonna continue rising or not And then the second thing though is at the one that's kind of a little bit easier to take is a stock at crashed pretty hard but for no is it agrees in right so if any stock crash more than twenty to thirty percent usually. That's an overreaction of the market unless is clear fundamental news at the stock is gonna go under. Something really bad happened then. Obviously you shouldn't trade it because the news will probably continue being factored in but if you do research on that stock that just for some reason went down. Twenty thirty forty percent and there was no real news or new kind of situation that occurred. Then you can usually imagine that the stock is gonna correct itself and go up the following day and i usually allows you to kind of lock in some profit so as you keep listening as you kind of tubing day trader being involved in the markets. You'll understand these tactics. The market is truly just. If you've always wanted to try meditation but think to yourself. When would i have time. You should check out heads. Space heads faces your daily dose of mindfulness in the horn of guided meditations in an easy to use app head space. One of the only apps advancing the field of mindfulness meditation through comprehensive clinically validated research. Head space really can help you feel better overwhelmed. Heads base has a three minute. Sos meditation need health falling asleep us head. Space wind down sessions and parents had space. Has morning meditations. You can do with your kids heads. 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