A highlight from S5E9: Forgetting Sarick Mortshall


Things up with your family studio apartment who knows But you're welcome here. You're welcome here and we're glad to have you. I had rahman this week. There's nothing wrong with it. it's delicious we. Let's let's do what we do every week. And and and ask the important questions brandon. How the heck are you travis. I am doing good. It's labored baber here over on over on labor day daybreak over in the continental united states. hawaii alaska. Sorry no labor day for you know you gotta go work you you you gotta be. You gotta be on your best pal. Hana behavior over there in hawaii But no i'm i'm doing good man doing good i i built zibo Visited them in lawns. I played golf this weekend. All all in preparation for the rick. And morty season finale. what about you. How are you doing today. i. I'm good i'm excited. I re watched the episode three times. I think Well okay i watched. At least i watched a lot more today. Because i went back i revisited. Some older episodes. I'm excited i'm excited for this finale. Podcast and Yeah we're gonna we're gonna have a great time but the best way to get into the good times getting into our first segment and that. Are you ready brandon. I think. I think i think i'm ready. I'm ready. I'm going to draw it out. We have nothing important to talk about. This will be our longest episode. Ever no we gotta get right into semi pertinent news. Dan dan dan ten and erdo down doodoo now ban downtown tutored dow down. It's semi burden new. The dent de and donate get their victims particularly around kapanen pillar. Better boop boop there. Oh they're so pertinent. They're semi pertinent news. Thank you brandon for that theme song. Thank you Sending your theme song submissions to at pod for next season Yeah all right first up. is a bit of news. That was very hard to miss. If you are in any way shape or form following the rick and morty news out on on any form of social media and that is that over this weekend we got not one not two. But three live action at bumps for rick. And morty starring christopher lloyd and jaden martell These took the internet by storm brandon. It was Quite a sight to behold. What did you think when the first one dropped a early in the weekend this this weekend for some reason i've been i've been waking up super early and so i wake up and i'm like i'm not drunk or anything but i'm like like a haze looking up drunk in in this one popped up. I was like oh shoot that. That's awesome that's awesome took took everybody took took the internet by storm as you as you said We're excited a of people are like oh is. Is there a rickety morning movie alive action rick and morning movie coming out Other people being like it. Is this just a promo other people being like no. It really should have been This other guy. That was the rick and ally wise. This guy morty. They don't even do good accents. Of rick morty in In in there was somebody on on twitter. i think kyle starks. Maybe who did the comics who said that he had written a sixty min sixty second spot and so he was he was kind of been like. Oh they only use like.

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