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Number thirteen deuteronomy fourth quarter two thousand twenty one daniel. Duda morning everybody. I want to extend a warm welcome to everybody. Who was here. This bible study and everybody who listening from afar. The last lesson in the quarter deuteronomy is what we will be studying under. The leadership of daniel tudor. The title is the resurrection of moses. Dave will doesn't prayer all over heavenly father. We thank you for this opportunity to get together from all over the world to study your word and opportunity to get you know you better. We ask that you be with us and open our minds and hearts than be with daniel as allegiance in jesus name amen. Amen thank you david. Thank you race so here. We are the lost. Listen auma the quarter under ptolemy number thirteen and of course it deals with the resurrection of moses. Interestingly enough which is an idea not from deuteronomy if you look at what you are supposed to read for this week's study the only thirteen verses from deuteronomy. The lesson itself can be divided into three parts. The scene of moses and then the death and resurrection of moses and then the resurrection of all us about interestingly only the death of moses is from the book of your tournament so if you see a statement that saw and saw was the humblest person who ever lived and you start inquiring home. That's interesting and by the way soul who've row debt and you discover that actually it's moses who wrote that. Moses was one of the humblest person who ever lived. How would that come across in your culture. He's way was saying that. That person was extremely full of himself. Yeah so that would not be heavy. See you the whale and actually would work against that for some now. Of course you need to realize that in that culture this is not something that would be considered a desirable trait at something that people would aspire to and say if only. I could be the humblest person that would be an achievement. It's like winning french open or nhl or whatever sport you believe in soul we come to the end of your tournament and listen to suggest that we start with the story of the sin of moses and although the actual story is not found in the book of deuteronomy. We already discovered that before that you know we have thirty four chapters in determining you would expect that in thirteen weeks you take two in half chapter each betham. That's how you cover the whole book about this quarter. We did topical study. And you are not going to understand why moses needs to die before he enters the promise land unless you understand the story of the scene of moses so numbers twenty and i twelve or be israelites. The whole congregation came into the wilderness of zinn in the first month and the people stayed in cavendish. Mariam died there and was buried there now. There was no water for the congregation. So they gathered together against moses and against erin. The people quarreled with moses and said would that we had died when our kindred died before the lord. Why have you brought the assembly of the lord into this wilderness for us at our livestock to die here so when you hear or read in deuteronomy twenty verse one that it was the first month's do understand what it is talking about in the first month the whole is rod community arrived desert of zinn. So what you need to realize is. This is the first month of the fortieth year. Okay so that means. They have been traveling for forty years camping and traveling for forty years and so most of the exodus generation has died. The next generation begins that journey to the promise land and of course the full of ing chapters will give you the stories of their victories and their defeats. But you need to understand. This is the first month of the fortieth year so we have a completely new generation here that we are dealing with and that brings us to read to us. What they say are they saying well. We can't wait to be in that good and promised land flowing with sugar and cholesterol gary. No they're accusing. Moses bringing them out air to either kill them or let them die from the elements if moses had something to do with it irish when you read that it echoes basically a previous response and repeated response. It's almost like a student who cannot learn from experience. And may we feel tempted sometimes to fall in the same ditch but it is sad in this case. Here there is a very real experience of god's faithfulness. There is the repeated experience of god intervening supernatural in the desert when there is no water and he faithfully provides and here. We are a generation later. God has walked with them. Forty years through the desert and here comes the test again and sure enough. They fall into the same ditch they complain. They question god's faithfulness. They question his very presence with them and it seems like the students doesn't have the aptitude to learn anything. Yes so they take the outward circumstances as a measurement of god's inclination towards them or the expression of god's character how god is so. If my circumstances are bad that means something is wrong with god although as you said they have been for forty years in the wilderness and god provided the water and the food and the clothing for them so they had the evidence of god providing water for forty years. David thompson says in the chat. It's interesting that it was exactly the same accusation against moses as that relational made early on by the previous generation. Where did these new generation get that idea. It had to be from their parents. So does that mean that. The attitude was perpetuated throughout the whole journey. So people don't want to take responsibility for the outcome themselves so the easiest thing is to blame somebody else either the leaders or somebody in a position of responsibility and that can easily become a toxic mindset and a perpetuating cycle that you learn it from your parents. Let somebody else's responsible that we are in this situation. Teaching seminary students very few students have the emotional maturity to say. Actually the paper that i wrote was pretty. Rubbish was not very good. Usually they say oh. The teacher is dangerous liberal. The teachers don't understand my precious insights. You know jesus sees it. The way i do and it's only these teachers don't see the way we do. And so that's an example from the life of her teacher of theology professor henry i go different perspectives about this story or is yes. This new generation cuss always heard the same complaints. So what options. The you have right these european. But you've been taught what you have heard from your bearings. The be annulled one to lead itchy so kissed. You're happy days. Nothing could wake up a pinal class in the Try to show you in alternative talk with the rhetoric penny so i think the distorted here has a different view and this is the perspective and trying to see on this story. Is that on one hand. All of this was greeted after the fact meaning. All of these people have already passed to that so it was written for us to see how

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