Joe Biden Is Worried About Getting in Trouble With His Staff... Wait, What?!


News had a great analysis. How biden has repeatedly implied that. It's his handlers. Who set the rules and determine when and where he's allowed to take questions from the media leading observers to ponder who is actually calling the shots. I'm not supposed to take any questions. I've been instructed. Remember last week when he said they gave me a list here. I was instructed to call on kelly o'donnell and then he said back in june as usual. They gave me a list of reporters. Or i'm gonna get in trouble. I'm going to really get in trouble because there's not a lot who's gonna you're gonna get in trouble. You're the damn president of the united states of america. Who's gonna yell at you. You're the guy at the top. I'm going to get in trouble. Oh my gosh you imagine. Donald trump stand up there. So i was going to be mad at me. If i sent out a mean tweets. So i won't. I'll stay home and be a good boy. I'd be happy to take questions if that's what i'm supposed to do. He actually has said that. I'd be happy to take questions. If that's what i'm supposed to do as president united states for you

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