Apple App Store Changes Fail to Stem Push for Overhaul Bill

Mac OS Ken


Peace offerings and settlements between apple and developers won't stop congressional moves against app stores couple of weeks ago apple announced a proposed settlement with smaller developers. Perhaps the biggest concession offered by apple was the one that would let developers use communications such as email to share information about payment methods outside of their ios app. A few days later apple settled with the japanese government that settlement included a pledge to let reader apps such as net flex and spotify. And who knows. Maybe some that actually involve reading under terms of the settlement apple will let reader apps include an in napa linked to their website for users to either setup or managing account and sign up using a non app store. Payment method will be possible according to a piece from macrumors. Maybe they think it's not enough. Maybe they just wanna look tough. Whatever the reason the piece from apple and cider has at least one. Us senator saying legislation up ending up stores. Run by apple and google will go forward last month. A bipartisan group of senators introduced the open up. Markets act speaking the bloomberg one of the. Bill's sponsors senator. Amy klobuchar democrat of minnesota. Said though apple is taken some small steps to respond to criticism of its anticompetitive conduct. They did not go. Nearly far enough there is growing momentum to pass the open up. Markets act to finally address apple and google twin monopolies. And i will continue working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to get it done. You didn't ask but i'll tell you anyway. What annoys me is. They're gonna point to this as a thing that they got done

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