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Golden building twenty ago. They answered the call. We knew that up to twenty twenty five thousand people in each building. Every firefighter saw the flames and they looked into their own lots. That's when i said to pete pete. This'll be the worst day of our lives. And you know and that was before. I knew half of it and in the doctors. I wondered if i was dead or alive tonight. Started the fire department of the city of new york and the greatest act of gallantry ever bestowed on an american city. Don't want this to be something that's in a history book that a page is turned and we're forgotten. I'm leslie staw. i'm bill whittaker. I'm anderson cooper. I'm sharyn alfonsi i'm worthen. I'm scott pelley that story on this. The fifty fourth season premiere of sixty minutes height. Cbs news business analyst lesson jer. And how about this as something. That sounds kind of mouth watering delicious. Black bean caramel chicken. Martha stewart and marley spoon may great tasting meals a new menu thirty plus deliciously different recipes are available every week. Each one is comprised of six simple steps and ten ingredients that they could be prepared in about thirty minutes ordering is easy and removes the burden of grocery shopping and meal planning so if you are tired of the same old same old good immorally spoon dot com for a variety of chef designed. Dinners from martha stewart. Cbs news podcast. listeners. Save one hundred bucks over your first four orders use code. Cbs pot that's code. Cbs pod at m. a. r. l. e. y. spoon dot com imagine eating deliciously different chef quality meals every day of the week martha stewart and marley spoon knicks. It possible good. Marley spoon dot com use code. Cbs pod in the neighborhoods of new york. There are two hundred seventeen. Fire houses each holds a memorial to firefighters who answered the call twenty years ago and never returned three hundred forty. Three members of the fire department of the city of new york perished on nine eleven in the greatest act of gallantry ever bestowed on an american city. This is their story. This plane raced pestis along the hudson river. As such a little out the tude. I could read american on the fuselage at eight forty six that morning battalion chief. Joe pfeiffer was blocks away searching for a routine gasoline. I saw the plane aim to

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