Who Has the Most Twitter Followers?


These are the top four twitter accounts by number of hours. Top four twitter accounts number of followers. They'll gosh yes What's the name of that. Ceo of twitter again. I don't know is it dorsey yay l. jack dorsey or something like that. Let's go with him. I jack dorsey all right survey says and wow okay. Well we know. He's not full of himself on twitter. Right i guess not. I don't even keep up with sweater. I mean we've got a twitter account. I never really check it honestly Okay so i'm going to say robert. Daily junior artie j. All right show me ironman and all right. And next i'd say blackwood scarlett johansson because why not because. I'm just throwing blindly here. I like marvel so. You're really into marvel. Aren't you show me scarborough. And oh no. Joey struck out. The first round has i. Don't follow twitter staff. Honestly that's okay. It's not a big deal all right so number four answer with a hundred and two point eight million followers pop sensation. Riana okay. I don't follow her either. Okay i number three answer with a hundred and eight million one zero eight point seven million followers pop sensation. Katy perry let us pop sensations right. That's probably why honest it's three pop. Sensations the number one is a politician. I'll okay all right so number. Two with one hundred thirteen point nine million followers pop sensation. Justin bieber okay. Let me guess the fourth one is bernie sanders now close. The had the correct first initial number one twitter account by most followers with one hundred and twenty nine point nine million followers barack obama. Oh okay

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