Influential Educators: College President Mary Bunting


Than a year. After henry's death. Mary was offered a new opportunity to become dean of douglass college. The women's college of rutgers university where she was a professor in nineteen fifty eight. Mary was invited to a national. Science foundation. committee created to improve the nation's performance in the field of science in a series of tests designed to figure out what blocked strong students from continuing into careers in science. Mary saw a big problem of all of the sixteen to nineteen year olds who scored in the top ten percent on aptitude tests and then did not go onto college. Ninety eight percent were women. The time women had serious. Barriers to access college education endowments for women's colleges were much lower than those of their male counterparts. Perhaps most importantly curriculum requirements didn't accommodate the different societal expectations for women. For example many universities made it nearly impossible for students to attend part time as a result women who had to care for children during the day at home could not attend mary. It her mission to redesign the education system to accommodate and encourage women to study. She got her first chance at serious reform. When in nineteen sixty she became president of radcliffe college the undergraduate women's college at harvard university there. She saw the stark differences between the ways. Men and women were treated on the same campus. Women were given bunk beds in assigned rooms rather than harvard's how system and they were excluded from harvard's libraries and dining halls. Mary set about changing the campus. She organized the dorms into a house. System built radcliffe. Its own library and created search committees to go into low income neighborhoods and offer scholarships to potential

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