Steve Strang: America Is Heading for Another Civil War


We were in kansas city. Mike bickel gave a sermon a teaching about the end times. And do you have a sense or does rick have a sense of where we're going to be in the next ten or twenty years. What what does he say. Or what do you know that he says that he shared. So rick has i mean. This is well documented. Rick has been prophesying for a number of years that we're going to have another civil war here in america and he's had various dreams at different times but it's documented in history. You know twenty thirty years. He's been saying this was coming. And the lord began to show him back in the eighties that america would have a liberal president and then of course clinton game in office. He thought for sure that was alabama coming off as he thought for sure that was him. But then you know biden. In harris are sitting in the oval office and basically in the dream something would happen. That would cause america to realize. Just how terrible marxism is in that. We would swing back to the right never to go back to the left again. Yeah and so he believes right now. We're on the precipice of perhaps it's already begun a civil war in this nation because our our government it's beyond fixing itself.

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