U.S. Military Begins Final Pullout Amid Kabul Terror Threats


Amid a heightened threat of terror attacks the Pentagon says the military has begun its final withdrawal from Afghanistan with three days to go before president Biden's deadline for getting out the US official says the number of troops at Kabul airport is now less than four thousand the Pentagon spokesman John Kirby says even as gear is loaded on to the flights the evacuation of people continues any U. S. passport holder that wants to get in can get in the state department believes there are about three hundred and fifty Americans still in the country who want to get out and roughly two hundred and eighty others have either said they plan to remain we're not told the state department of their plans as for Afghans we are still processing and getting on planes the SI V. applicants as well as vulnerable Afghans after Saturday drone strike killed two members of the Islamic state group's affiliate in Afghanistan Kirby says the threats of another attack remain very real they're very dynamic and we are monitoring them literally in real time meanwhile the remains of thirteen US troops killed in a suicide bomb attack Thursday are headed home Ben

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