Oregon Governor Kate Brown Issues Outdoor Mask Mandate


Here's the announcement from the oregon governor. Kate brown today. I'm announcing that effective friday. Twenty seventh mass will be required in all public. Outdoor settings or physical distancing is not possible regardless of vaccination status massa proven to be effective reducing transmission and are unnecessary measure. Right now even some outdoor settings to help us fight coveted and to protect one another alright. Riddle me this batman. How many outdoor activities prohibit social distancing. How does that work. How in the world do you. So in oregon. You must wear a mask outside. And then she adds a caveat. Where social distancing isn't permitted or possible. What does that mean if you're out in the field if you're walking down the street i mean i guess. She means outdoor concerts. Why don't you say that in other words there is unless you're a seat. It's impossible to to not be able to socially distance it's it is coded derangement syndrome. They are making crap up as they go. And every we all know it and it's only these democrat governors who sound like escapees from a mental institution. You're gonna make people wear masks outside.

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