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Straight to win tonight. After snapping the Braves win streak of nine strayed, the O is looking to avoid 8 19 straight losses, riding that skid of 18 in a row and trailing the Angels 13 to 8 in the sixth inning. They've scored six straight times, but still Down five runs the Giants looking for a major league best 81st win tonight at Citi Field all over the Mets of eight to nothing in the eighth. They have four home runs to off the bat of Brandon Bell. Buster Posey left that game with right knee discomfort. The Rays looking a Winter Road in Philadelphia, up ninth inning at 3 to 1 Nelson Cruz, three hits and a run knocked in for with a first place team in the American League East and the Red Sox and Twins and a slug fest at Fenway Park in a game on the ESPN at playing seven, Boston up 96 Hunter Renfroe, two home runs and I've knocked in Justin Fields will start the pre season finale for the Bears Saturday at Tennessee. The rookie considered the backup to Andy Dome for the regular season opener against the Rands Fields and the Bears playing at QB. I think if you know the players of the team don't buy into what coach hasn't saved in that teams are gonna be successful. So, um Pretty much have no choice. That's ultimately why I'm I'm trusting him because, of course, you know, we all want the same thing. We all want to win games. So there's no reason for me. Not interesting and plenty of reps of the rookie Mac Jones Cam Noone expected to return to the field this week for joint practices with the Giants in NFL mandated five day re entry for unvaccinated players.

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