Democrats Like Andrew Cuomo Obsessed With Pardoning Murderers


And yet we have Democrats who are obsessed with pardoning. Killers. Jimmy Carter did it. Bill Clinton did it. Obama did it. Cuomo has done it. He marked his Final day in office Monday by handing out four sentence computations and one pardon. He also made a parole board referral for a 76 year old man. Over his role in the deadly 1981 Brinks armored car robbery. David Gilbert, a weather underground member. Now this is the thing I told you about the weather underground in the attack on the Capitol building and my brother. Crucial buildings. And they're pardoned by a Democrat. Another attack on the Capitol building shots fired From the gallery. Part by a Democrat. David Gilbert, a weather underground member who was convicted of three counts of second degree murder and four counts of first degree robbery for his role in the crime. The resulting in the deaths of Nyack police Sergeant Edward O'Grady, an officer Waverly Brown, as well as a Brinks guard Peter Page. He was serving a sense of 75 years to life in prison. With no possibility of parole until 2056 Gilbert's son. Do you know who his son is? He's the district attorney. San Francisco. Boudin sound familiar? Boutin. Had lobbied Cuomo for his release. His announcement, Cuomo said Gilbert would be referred to the parole Board for potential release and praised his significant contributions to AIDS education as they always do. He contributed, said No. He murdered people He was involved in it.

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