New York Post: Wuhan Lab Documents Show Fauci ‘Untruthful’ About Gain-of-Function Research


Now there is a breaking story. And I'll use it from the New York Post. It's another publications as well. Wuhan Lab documents show Fauci untruthful about gain of function research critics How he has been accused by critics of lying after newly released documents appear to contradict his claims. At the National Institute of Health did not fund gain of function. Research at China's Wuhan lob. Included in the trove of documents is a previously unpublished grant. He proposal that is grant proposal that Echo Health Alliance. That was the group which is run by Peter Dacic. That was the guy Filed with Foulke's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease. Fauci has repeatedly insisted that now each funding of the Wuhan lab does not constitute as Gain of function Research, which modifies the biological agent. In the case of a virus could increase its transmissibility or or very Linse, which, of course it did. And so, um The grant proposal included in the documents for a project titled Understanding The Risk of Bat Coronavirus, Emergence. Which involves screening thousands of bad samples, as well as people who work with the live animals for novel coronavirus is the outlet said. The 3.1 million Grant was awarded for a five year period between 2014 and 2019 after the funding was renewed in 2019. It was suspended by the Trump administration in April,

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