A highlight from Ep 506 | California Recall Is HEATING Up & the Left Continues to EMBRACE Racism


Down do a thursday episode off the rails. The chad fraser. Show studio twenty two the mothership flying into the nether regions of all things gorilla mask. I'll tell you what you know. What if we had more time to prepare chris. We should have gotten some gorilla masks now just to see how many people would call us racist. But won't you not so much but you can get away with things because you have browns. I was gonna say like our looked like a gorilla. Yeah i would you look at me today. Like look at me. This is what happens. A full shot here mark. This and this is what happens when life just passes you by right. The ac has been out the air conditioning. We have that in first. world countries. air conditioning has been out in in my house. So i've been apartment hotel living all this week and this is what you get right here. I went by the house yesterday morning. And somebody was in the house and i was like. Who's in my house right. And then it hit me that the housekeeper was there and she doesn't speak a lick of english quantity was there. Yeah she didn't. She doesn't speak a lick and i can exhaust my capabilities at spanish very fast after buenos dias. I'm out everything after that is boy no and poor kito anyway. She was just pouring down with sweat. I felt so bad not come this week. I was going to say. Did you not tell her. Hey i'm then hotel. I got to the hotel room phase so bad but i kicked her out of fired or for coming to work man. It's we're heading the weekend right okay. So i'm going to be. Let's let's there's so much talk about today. I wanna give my full attention. Although it's hard because i'm scattered everywhere right now because there's so many different things i wanna talk about But we are Going to be. We're headed out of colorado tonight. We're going to be in grand junction tomorrow. That's friday and we're going to be in pueblo on saturday so go to watch chad dot com. Come check us out and aside from that Crisscrossing all over the state of texas doing a lot of different stuff Texas governor greg. Abbott has now announced a third special session. Which is supposed to start September twenty because they didn't get everything done in the seconds special insp- third session second special session They didn't get everything done so now they're gonna talk about all the things that should have been common sense. Should should not even be up for discussion until you realize that we have a governor who claims to be a conservative. Who's actually campaigning. On the taxpayer. Dime and doing everything he can to get his name in the papers so that people will think he's relevant bidault. Pay attention to me. I'm just running against the guy. Yes and i'm doing dress like this smart. This is what a governor looks like right here. This is what it looks like. When you get government out of your life it had just chill so many things going on in the world. I alluded to the monkey mask right. The gorilla mask for those of you. Don't know we're gonna talk about this in the upcoming segment. Larry elder our friend. Larry elder who is a black man and a great conservative voice in california is running against gavin newsom in this recall election and someone apparently threw what looked to be an egg at him. A white woman I don't want to assume genders. But i'm assuming that it was a white woman And she was wearing a gorilla mask with it. So we'll show you that later on if conservatives had done anything like this imagine chris imagine just for a second like if we just came on here and with no explanation the explanation whatsoever. We were wearing gorilla masks. We would be called racist like we would because because again larry elder has been called a racist he's been called a he's he's performing in. Black face is what they've said. The racist rhetoric that comes out of the left is absolutely insane. I get called people every single day. That wanna send me messages or tweet me or something and say oh all the racist stuff that comes out of this. Guy's mouth oca- oca- okay. I think we know where the fault lies. let's go to. I'm going to do this in the world. Go to a break. Because i want to get into this larry elder thing a little bit because it's important on numerous levels I don't know how much equity you have in your home. let's say you got fifty thousand one hundred thousand the more you have the more dangerous. It is for cyber thieves to come in and actually steal your home. That's right they steal your home. Everything cyberthief needs to take over as the legal owner of your home is remember. They had that facebook data breach where there's like five hundred million Accounts that were hacked and leaked out there. Everything they need to steal your home is out there. They signed their name to quit. Claimed claiming that you sold your home to them and Eventually they will take out loans against the you know the the equity in your home and you wind up getting all of these late payment notices and maybe even a vixen or foreclosure notices on your home.

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