Joy Reid Promotes False Story About Ohio Patients Overdosing on Ivermectin


They're falling apart. People are taking horse space diver Mactan Jim overflowing ODS everywhere. Oh, Diz! ALS all over the place. Everyone. Oh, ding! Oh, my God. I took horse piece They Oklahoma hospitals. It's so much so the Rolling Stone story so much so horse Pacers in Oklahoma. That they're not even taking gunshot wounds anymore. Jim, You believe that you walk in You're like I've been shot. What happened? Nine millimeters and chest the bucket to make it hold on. We got a horse paste. Er, there's our Sir Horse Pacer. Come on over a gunshot guy bleeding. I'm collapsed Lung. We'll get to you in a couple hours. Go back home. Take an aspirin. Call me in the morning. Horse Pacers. Come on. So joy Reid is so stupid. She didn't even think to have someone call the hospital. About the horse Basters overdosing Joyce. Too dumb. So Joy, of course, brought the story on her shelf for the umpteenth 1000 time getting completely humiliated because she doesn't follow the Bongino rule. What's the Bongino rule? Anytime you see a stupid story about coronavirus or Donald Trump? It's probably a lie. Wait 72 hours and it will be the bunk. If Joy would apply this rule. If joy would have went right to the police. None of this would have ever happened. She doesn't seem to get that joy. If she would just wait the 72 hours. This kind of stuff wouldn't happen, Jim Play cut. Six. Here's Joy Reid hilariously dolling out the misinformation as she repeats the horse space talks. Check this out, so things are clearly bad. But they're being made even worse by people who have refused to take the vaccine and instead are swallowing horse paste. Emergency room in one rural Oklahoma town is being overwhelmed by people overdosing on ivermectin, the horse deworming medication. It's gotten so bad that gunshot victims gunshot victims are having to wait to be treated. Yeah.

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