A highlight from S3 E221: Classic Spotlight Series -- Thoughts on C.S. Lewis


Hello and welcome to the strength to be human podcast with your host poet and playwright mark antony rossi in this our third year we continue to explore the meaning of being an artist in an ever changing digital world. Now without further ado. Here's your host. I've coxon welcome back their shrimp to be human. I'm your host mark antony rossi poet and playwright. This is episode two hundred twenty one and send the classic spotlight series thoughts on c. s. lewis. You probably recall maybe a year and a half ago. I did a bit of a show on on on fantasy writers and he was one of them so we had a small segment in about him. This'll be a lot broader about all the different facets of who c. s. lewis was because he. He's a pretty. I guess you could say a complicated fellow. I don't really mean that in a negative way too complicated fellow that he has an unusual life trajectory and he has an unusual writing trajectory to normally people. Don't mix all of this up together like he like he did. It looks to me like it just came natural ingredients from the kind of person that he was but nevertheless it's important to point out so let's talk a little bit by cs lewis. When i was growing up in jersey. I only discovered him by accident through the church actually and they had some of his books around and i was checking them out and then i heard about the the chronicles narnia. I wonder reading all seven of those books during the summertime. I can't tell you exactly what year. Okay but i i actually still own the original seven paperback Novels of the chronicle orient nokia series So i i've saved the all my my whole life. One of the few regional books had for my childhood actually a lot of other ones. I wanted to be getting lost in transit or travel. Or you know when when my parents moved and so. I didn't have a huge library when i was younger. Believe it or not a use the actual library itself and whatever. I got from school and all that. It's not like today where books were cheaper. And you can do things on the internet and it's so many different options now. But they're the ones i originally had saved carried them with me everywhere. I went. iden- drink. I even think i brought them with me when i went to to the military you know and i even had them in in germany and when the rian again which was actually fun. But i remember when. I was talking to my teacher at school. And she's a wonderful woman very very bright and read a lot. She had never heard of him before she kept saying you. Sure you don't mean sinclair lewis. Like no i really don't mean sinclair lewis. You know. I didn't have the hardest. Hella just like she didn't know who she is. Louis was. I didn't know who's include lewis was.

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