The Wild Ride of the '86 Mets: Inside Once Upon a Time in Queens

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Nick davis. I watched your four part documentary. Once upon a time in queens. It is debut in over two evenings tonight and tomorrow. It's the new thirty for thirty. And the thing that i was struck by about your story here about the nineteen ninety-six. Mets is how much of a character the city of new york is. And i know you're a native new yorker. I am a native new yorker but i was born in one thousand nine hundred five so i could not get enough of the city as you captured it. I'm curious why it was important to you that you did it in that way. Well i think the thing that always struck me about this team was that they captured the spirit of the city as well as any sports team. I can imagine. It wasn't just. The city fell in love with the team Which happens all over the place but the the way the team came together and the the rollicking wild crazy dangerous energy on that team mirrored the city in the eighty and that was always. The goal of the film was to talk about how the team and the city were fused and became one. You think about the nineteen seventy-five cincinnati reg team lots of wonderful personalities. But you don't associate them with cincinnati in the mid seventies the way you do the nineteen eighty six minutes with new york city

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