FDA, Dave Anthony And Jeff Man discussed on Brian Kilmeade


I'm Dave Anthony Fox News that is up for discussion today at the FDA. So far, just those with compromised immune systems are getting third covid vaccine doses. Foxes. Jeff Man also has more Live Davidson independent Committee that's advising the FDA. They're weighing data on whether or not to approve the third vaccine does. That fighter is now pushing and whether evidence supports approval for booster shots. All of that conflict and skepticism. As to FDA officials in leading international scientists contend the original vaccine efficacy remains strong, even with the delta variant, concluding that there's no need right now for booster shots. This is the Biden administration prepares if approved by the FDA to begin releasing the third vaccine dose to the public next week. Dave Jeff President Biden Zoom call with other world leaders discussing climate change. Democrats have a plan to combat it in there $3.5 trillion spending bill that would be funded by tax hikes on corporations and higher income Americans if you can make a million, or a billion dollars That's great. God bless you. All I'm asking is you pay your fair share? No Republicans support this. Congresswoman Kat Cammack tells Fox taxing us into submission. This agenda is nothing more about compliance and dependency. Police and the FBI keeps searching for Gabby Petito, who's been missing since a cross country trip with her fiance, A person of interest in the case after Brian Laundry returned home without her foxes. Carly Shim kisses in North Port Florida. Gabby's parents have been speaking out. But yesterday they issued a desperate plea through their lawyer directed at the parents living in the house behind me were writing this letter

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