Two Federal Judges Concerned How Some Are Charged on Jan. 6 Events


Even at two federal judges, truly both appointed by Obama, who raised concerns about the way certain people are being charged. They've raised the question like wait a minute. You're charging people for disrupting Congress. When in fact, we've had people disrupt Congress. You hit him with a misdemeanor. You let them go. You're charging these people with felonies if they don't plead to to an offense that you demand And they're starting and they're saying What is that? Based on? You've heard that too, right? I have. So you're referring to Judge Moss and Judge Maeda? Um Judge Moss called the obstruction of official proceeding felony, which this DOJ has slapped on at least 200 cases. To turn Trump supporters and two convicted felons. It's never been used in this way before the judges know it. The government knows it. The defense lawyers certainly know it. And so both of those lawyers have raised concern. Judge Moss said. It has a constitutional staginess problem. There is a motion in the oath Keepers case. Motion to dismiss and judge made A is considering that now and should make a ruling should issue some ruling on that next month. Um, but again, Philip bump. Do you even know what the obstruction of an official proceeding charge is its origination, which was a post and run law. That was supposed to stop and the interference and congressional investigations, not the certification of the Electoral College. So you know, these are the things that Mr Bump does not stay awake at

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