Donald Trump, Lara Logan And Jimmy Barrett discussed on Houston's Morning News


You missed her yesterday, Lara Logan was on Fox. And, um she was willing to say something that not a lot of people are willing to say. It's not just the Democrats to blame for our immigration policies. There's plenty of Republicans to blame for it as well. Here's what she had to say about that The betrayal of this country isn't just coming from the left. It's coming from the right as well. Republicans and Democrats are both complicit and you need to look no further at sort of the frenzy of hatred that was generated around Donald Trump to know that people on both sides of the aisle with very much invested in making sure that Donald Trump was never able to change or do anything will be effect. Active. Regardless of what you think about him, and I have always said that this was never about left. And right. You know what? Democrats and Republicans are united on the border. They're united on Afghanistan. Veterans of every stripe are absolutely they know that this is a moment of conscience. You either choose what defines you or you don't there shaping for an attack that they blame on Afghan refugees and the people who are trying to help them. Get out. You can see all the hallmarks of it. When you understand Information, Wolf Fair and information operations. I can tell you right now that that is one of the options that they're prepping the battlefield for and I don't mean the battlefield in Kabul. The battlefield right here. Wow. Sounds like what she's saying is, is that she has her suspicions. That something is going to happen that's going to require a federal police action. Maybe a little martial law. I would hope that she's wrong. She's been writing about a lot of other things, though, so that's interesting and then blame it on some of the refugees that are coming over. That's interesting. 7 40 is our time. Let's do a little traffic and weather together. Hey, sky, Mike, let's flip those fighters down. Jimmy Barrett. We're looking at your Katy Freeway and stick all the way from Grand Parkway, but you'll hit the real breaks around Eldridge Parkway and once again From Studio Mont inbound and you know the drill. 37 minutes now from Katie into the president's heads downtown West parked away the autobahns crammed up around Sinai. You've got more backups from Fondren trying to make that ramp to the Southwest Freeway North Freeway. We still have the record greens. It's minor, but it's a truck were backed up from Richie South, Um, Gulf Freeway Outbound Dixie Farm Road, Direct guys, They have cleared now. All of this, but inbound. We've got backups from edge. Brooke and South Loop is terrible westbound from Calais Make it wayside Now all the way back over to the record to 88 I'm sky Mike, the Gulf Coast windows dot com 24 Hour traffic center from our ktrh. John Morris Services. 24 Hour Weather Center. We have Terry Smith, standing by weekend is almost here. We're off to a good start here, Terry. We are at least the weather is not adding to our, uh, morning commute woes by any means. It's a dry day. We've got some sunshine who Rafer Sunshine and the temperatures well. Where they're supposed to be. Upper eighties low nineties later today, over the weekend, we will see some rain not in the morning morning looks dry the afternoon about a 40% chance of thunderstorms both Saturday and Sunday. Operators to low nineties and we do still have some rain Monday and Tuesday and then waiting to see if this cold front actually shows up midweek. But we'll revisit that Monday morning. That sounds fair. Right now we're looking at 73 your officials. Severe weather station NewsRadio, 7 40 ktrh. You've got trending news that matters. Houston's morning news on 7 40 ktrh. Here's good news. Even with high unemployment there is still need for hundreds of

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