Jessica Chastain Is Riveting in 'The Eyes of Tammy Faye'



Mother. This is jim baker. My husband jessica chastain there as tammy faye bakker in the eyes of tammy faye which opens nationwide this weekend. Andrew garfield co stars as jim baker. Tammy's husband who people of a certain age like us josh. Remember as one of the most prominent televangelists of nineteen eighty and nineteen eighty. Nine baker was sentenced to forty five years in prison for fraud. This movie is directed by michael showalter. Who made the very good two. Seventeen rom com. The big sick. The eyes of tammy faye came up a couple of weeks ago. During our fall movie preview. You have seen the movie and as i alluded to. We lived through the eighties. The bakers were inescapable in popular culture. At seem does the movie convinced that there is more there was more to jim. Tammy faye than we remember or what we saw in parodies from the time i mean it had to for me because my only point of reference was jan hooks portraying. Tammy faye bakker. On saturday night. Live visiting the church lady. I think phil hartmann was was jim baker. Actually so i didn't really know much beyond that of the story. I mean would have been a little kid at that time. And so yeah this was interesting to get some of the background info a lot of it drawn from the two thousand or two thousand two documentary of the same name. The eyes of tammy faye haven't seen that one. But from what. I understand both at end this i can attest to very much rehabilitation projects. You know to to say that there was more and of course there was more to to this woman than what we saw on saturday night. Live or in news. Reports jessica chastain as tammy faye is going to make you believe that no matter what. She is the powerhouse force in this film. The reason why i liked it. I think overall as a movie. It's it's a little strange. It's both really obvious like hitting its themes and points very underlying them like she on like her makeup his underlying. You know

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