A highlight from [BOOK CLUB BONUS] Elizabeth Acevedos Clap When You Land


Okay you guys. We loved it. Elizabeth vado is this month's author and she wrote this. Incredible novel called clap. When you land so clap when you land was too i for us in the book club never one. It's the first. Why a book that we've ever read together. Although elizabeth did tell me that by the data she said approximately forty percent of the readers of a of the. why are gremlin is so apparently. We're not that sexual where the forty percent. But so not. Only that we read our first waie but but written in verse not rhyming verse just like poetry sort of pros but in a novel so a bunch of of course but kebir like well. When i first i was like i don't know i'm not sure about the structure. This is really different than i'm used to. That only lasted for like three pages. Because it just immediately you're just into the story and then the structure actually becomes like a really special part of the the whole experience. Because well i just i'm gonna still her thunder. But the way she structured each narrator between the sisters hira is written a little differently camino always gets three lines in a verse. You hire gets to camino sentence. Structure is longer and warrior militant more fitting to the dominican and you hire since structure shorter more staccato more fitting to the new yorker. Anyway she's like this a writer not just in story and plot but in structure and like literary tools. I read clap when you land because it was getting a lot of buzz. I've got young reader young adult readers. I've why and so i- frequently gun eared in tune to what circulating among their community and that's when clap when un hit my radar. So i read it in one sitting. And i told the tame i think this is a it's just a little bit of gamble but not really because i actually know our community and i know i know everyone's gonna love this book. They might have to get over one little hurdle or two and then once they do. They'll actually love the hurdle so clap when you land was immediately put into rotation for book club. I wanted in here as soon as we can have it. Let me tell you about elizabeth real quick for we get into the interview with this darling. Person elizabeth a survey while. She's obviously like a new york times. Bestselling author big big big big bestselling and a ton of her writing is inspired by her afro dominican. So she was born and raised in new york city. She's the only daughter of dominican immigrants. So i mean. There's the intersection there. She's gotta be a in performing arts from george washington university and then an mfa in creative writing from the university of maryland Gosh her accolades are so long. She's been a fellow of caves. I don't know how to say this. I think it's cain 'em and a participant in the cavalier writer's workshop and she's she's

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