Curtis Sliwa Is Taking the Fight to the Boroughs of New York City


Well. There are five boroughs and as approximately close to nine million people 5% live on the island, and it truly is an island because politically it is so different than the rest of the city. It is a Red island. It is a Republican island. It is Staten Island. It is the reason market. I'm running for mayor of the city of New York because against their own party leadership. They nominated me to be the mayoral candidate. And now my battle is in the other four boroughs, which many of your listeners originally what from Brooklyn and Queens, the Bronx and Manhattan. And they're all blue. I mean, we're talking an 8 to 1 registration rate of Democrats to Republicans and those Republicans who used to be on the rolls. Either they passed away and there in heaven or maybe someone straight to hell without and especially shoot, or they fled the Florida North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Texas, Tennessee. And the exodus continues because it's an unlivable city. No quality of life. There's no zero tolerance towards crime. They vilified Rudy Giuliani, who saved us in 1993. And they view what he did as having been offensive to people of color. And yet you look now Mark you look at the horrific number of shootings, stabbings killings. The attacks of emotionally disturbed persons. You need mental health care in their medicine, and it's almost all by people of color against people of color. You mean to tell me it's a better city in this in this case? In the city that Rudy Giuliani inherited when there were 2000 murders a year 5000 most unsolved shootings and we went from being the crime capital, the murder capital to the safest big city in America. In the eight years of the Giuliani administration, and he attributes a lot of that to the help that I gave him with The Guardian Angels in our patrol in the roughest, toughest in its city neighborhoods of this city and on the

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