Miami Dolphins WR Will Fuller to Miss Buffalo Bills Game With Personal Issue

The Phinsider


Breaking news out of miami gardens. The miami dolphins will be without wide receiver willful or for sunday's matchup versus the buffalo bills. The team is calling it. A personal issue and brian flora's even when as far to say there was a possibility for may not suit up the rest of the season. Obviously a lot of unknowns. But what were your thoughts. Jake when you first heard this friday afternoon. Josh first and foremost i mean the seed blake first weekend forever where the dolphins were gonna have a completely clean injury report willful or was the only one who wasn't listed as a full participant in practice on both thursday and friday. But just i do have to say. I think we're kind of over-reacting about this. A little bit will fuller was in the building wednesday. I believe he was actually in the building thursday as well. I'm concerned for some things are bigger than football. I don't necessarily know. I mean ryan floors declined to say preston. Williams who is fully active is going to be playing on sunday. So i think that's more displays being bryant floors as much as odd. This is something that's gonna completely ruin season. I hope that isn't the case. I hope everything is all right for him and you know. We can't really speculate on too much by terms of what's happening on the field. It's gotta be a little disappointing to not see him out

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