Dallas Mavericks Sign Free Agent Frank Ntilikina


The mass have a whole new front office in a whole new coaching staff. With jason kidd coming in. So i think there will be at least some sort of honeymoon. I don't know exactly. How long is all these new key. Figures get used to each other. But you're you're absolutely right. I mean dallas had big ambitions in free agency. They wanted to get kyle lowry. They thought lowry would be an ideal fit next deluca given his defense leadership being an old head the way and still shoot it lowry. They thought was ideal. Lowery went to miami forced his way there in a sign and trade and dallas's moves have also been just of the around the edges variety bringing in reggie bullock. I reported this week that they're close to signing frank ntilikina. That should happen but the mavs have not been able to make the splashy move and really. They're splashing move is going to have to be. Can they get kristaps porzingis. Back to the level he was playing at in the walt disneyworld bubble before he he sustained the second major knee injury of his

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