Jen Psaki, White House And Sherrice David discussed on Free Talk Live


Sorry, Jen Psaki says the White House is ready for surges in Covid cases from the Delta. Various We've been preparing like Boy Scouts and Girl scouts. For this moment and the potential that there would be ups and downs in our recovery. There would be ups and downs as we fight the virus, and that's why a number of the programs were designed to extend for several months beyond this summer yesterday, the White House coronavirus response team says seven states are seeing a rise in covid cases, but also said more people in those states are getting vaccinated. Another member of Congress is reporting a breakthrough case of Covid. Kansas Democratic Representative Sherrice David's says she says it positive despite being vaccinated, she says she has mild symptoms and is in isolation. Biden administration says it will extend its coronavirus relief pause on student loan debts until the end of January. Two Seattle police officers who authorities say broke the law while taking part in the capital riot have been fired from the police force chief Adrian Diaz says officers Caitlin and Alexander every who are married are both out of a job. He said Their actions were an attack on the police profession. America

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