What's Inside the Earth?


And welcome to the inquisitors podcast. You know what the surface of the earth looks like. It's covered with mountains and sandy beaches and dirt in the woods and sometimes it's covered in concrete where people have made cities. Most of the earth's surface is covered with oceans but what is under the surface. Is it just more dirt. Could we really dig all the way to china. Science says no we could not dig all the way to china cover. The inside of the earth is actually made of four very thick and very different layers starting from the center of the earth and working out toward the surface. The layers are the inner core the outer core the mantle and the crust. The inner core is a solid ball made of iron and nickel. These are both metal elements that are very heavy. They are also both magnetic. The inner core is fifteen hundred miles across. It's roughly the size of the moon and it's very very hot. The temperature down there is five thousand degrees celsius. The next layer is called the outer core the outer core is made of iron and nickel and sulfur and oxygen. It is even hotter than the inner core. It's six thousand degrees celsius. It's a liquid layer that flows around the solid inner core. The liquid moves by convection. That means that as some of the molecules heat up they rise and as other molecules cool down they fall. This liquid layer is constantly swirling because of the rising and falling molecules. They give it like a pot of boiling water. Bubbling and moving even when the pot is

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