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Hey up a chair. Tax on tap with. David axelrod robert gibbs and mike murphy ask independent investigation has concluded governor. Andrew cuomo sexually harassed multiple women and in doing so violated federal and state law specifically the investigation. Found that governor andrew cuomo sexually harass current and former new york state employees by engaging an unwelcome and non consensual touching and making numerous offensive comments of suggestive sexual nature. That creates a hostile work environment for women. Gibbs how are you my man you feel in all right Never been better access Largely because off in the distance. I see that familiar hat. Yeah you know what. This guy is. Hat end cattle making. Which if you spent time in texas you have to be right. Yeah although he's probably in colorado right that's right colorado private first class hacker reporting for duty. Excellent good to see you well just in time because we have breaking news that was reflected in the clip at the top of the show. Which is that. The long awaited report on governor andrew cuomo and his And charges of sexual harassment is out and it is blistering. I don't think this ends well for governor cuomo. I don't think he'll be governor of the state of new york that law. This long anticipated report about the behavior of new york governor andrew cuomo along ago former client of mine. I should add for editorial integrity are will amex's even more interesting than we can get your so you guys carry the conversation. The headline is Cuomo sexually harassed current and former state employees creating a hostile work environment for women in violation of state and federal law. According to the attorney general latisha james. So what does it mean for cuomo. Who's up for reelection next year. Well here's my question. David especially since you were for the thing that surprises me about all this is that it seems to have been a pattern of behavior for a long time and a lot of it. How did he is. How did he skate this for so long. I did not see that particular behavior. I mean he can be tough on people around him. There's no doubt about it. I didn't see that particular behavior then. And i don't know if his behavior changed you're right. It was over a long period of time. When i worked for him. He was running for attorney general in the state but also times have changed and so people are more willing to come forward. It takes a lot to come forward. The interesting thing is this report. Gibbs was something that cuomo asked for ryan he asked for it because he was under siege ended bought him some time. The question is now that it's here is to borrow a phrase is time up it is and i'll tell you your question about how affect his reelection is moot. There won't be a re-election you think he won't even run give. I think he'll be impeached rather quickly. Why i don't. I don't think they're going to give him the option of serving any longer as as governor of the empire stay at a. I think he may try to hold on as politicians tend to pass when they need to go But i think. I just given the very brief comments that i saw the attorney general. Make the idea that the report includes documentation of him violating state and federal law sexual harassment laws. I don't see he may think he can still govern new york. I'm fairly sure. The senate and the house will unburden him of those thoughts. If he's accused of violating those laws will be prosecuted. Certainly could be. Yeah i mean that's obviously a question but that's a standard that the state legislature doesn't have to meet if they want to impeach him the interesting thing about him is You know he is the most resilient and pugnacious politician. That i've ever seen you know there was some really graphic public testimony at the time. This whole story broke particularly from a young former executive assistant of his. That was pretty shocking. And you know his basic thing was. I'm gonna fight. I'm gonna bull my way through this thing. Yeah and up until today david. I was really surprised at how he really did. Kind of bounce through it. He was defiant in a taped statement that he released and it's clear that he intends to fight this out. Here's a bit of that statement. I want you to know directly from me that i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. I am sixty three years old. I've lived my entire adult life in public view. That is just not who i am. And that's not who. I have ever been robert. I think the legislature may be forced to take action by the nature these charges. But you know they're going to read this report on it with one hand in the polling numbers with the other and he will use the levers he has. But i think the odds are. You're right that the jig may be up if he does run if he were to run under this incredible cloud if he is not impeached and it were to run he most certainly will have a primary. You know. I had a friend of yours. Mark on the a my x. X-files podcast a few weeks ago. Cecile richards and you know. Cecile now has lived. She's lived in new york for a couple of decades. I guess and i said. I asked her about her own political future and she said and i said well i guess you know you may be to texas for new york to new york for texas and she said well i don't know about the first part she said. I think my mom would have done really well in new york And so that being being you know The political genius. I i am. I thought Maybe she's trying to tell us something. And i said well are you thinking of maybe. Would you challenge the. She said well. I think he will be challenged. And i'm not making any announcements here. And wow yeah well as my next is who who on the landscape will will rise here then. Do you think it could. Well be the attorney general. You could see. He knew it was coming because he's been making a of noise. In the last few days about the prosecutor she hired to do the report who had prosecuted his top aide and had Investigated cuomo in the past. And about the attorney general and you know that the notion that she was using this as a springboard to her own candidacy. So you know her name will come up. And what about the blasio yes. I actually think he could run for governor. I think he could run for governor and particularly if if if cuomo you know interestingly he once worked for cuomo they once were close they hate each other they hate each other and you know whatever de blasios numbers are right now. I think he would be very tempted to run mean the options are and all that. Why for him now. you know. Look when when this whole story broke. Chuck schumer both senators in new york called for cuomo to resign to believe the drumbeat starts up again today. It's gonna be rocky waters here. I think when you have a race that's is probably going to be as wide open as this. You're going to have a large cast of candidates because you know it's a it's a huge high profile job and they don't come to some degree open all that often. Yeah the lieutenant governor kathy coach l. Is she could. Well be governor. The legislature does. What you said gibbs She will be governor and presumably a candidate for governor And you know we'll we'll see if others jump into that race as well.

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