Hot Stuff (MM #3852)

The Mason Minute


The NASA minute. With Kevin mason. Hot and spicy things constantly go in and out of favor. Remember a couple of years ago when everything was sriracha based and then well, do you even have any in your refrigerator anymore? I think I have a bottle, but I haven't used it in a while. I still like my Cajun based hot sauces if you will. Tabasco, Louisiana crystal. All those kinds because I like a lot of Cajun food. But those are all passe right now. They've all come and gone because the latest trend in hot stuff is the ghost pepper. I can't keep track of how hot on the Scoville ratings, all these peppers are. But I know the ghost pepper is well not the hottest, definitely close to one of the hottest. Now you can get ghost pepper food at Burger King. They're going to have ghost pepper, chicken nuggets. So I guess you know when your favorite hot stuff hits the mainstream, hits the fast food places. It's about to come crashing to a halt. I just don't understand the desire to have everything be so hot. Everybody just a slight bit difference and some like it hot, some like it sweet or something like it spicier or whatever it is, but ghost peppers, whether it's in chicken nuggets or not, I'll pass.

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