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I will start with the potato head issue hasbro and now we start positive. American twenty seventeen to fight trumpism fast forward to twenty two march of twenty twenty one. Let's start with the potato head issue. Hey everyone is john fabric. I'm john. I'm tom i'm dan pfeiffer and where the hosts a pot save america sure trump has gone but democracy still under attack republicans are pushing a series of new voting rules restricting access to american all have an obligation to make sure people know. The election wasn't store. Democracy is in peril january. Six wasn't an anomaly. It was a call to action. So if you want to avoid screaming into the void come join us for breaking down the week's biggest stories on today's show. Joe biden launches a commission to reform elegance controlling the media heir to the most democratic analysis of the twenty twenty election yet. Getting answers when we can from the biggest names in politics. The forty fourth president of the united states responsible for hiring the two of us barack obama questioning that decision. Did you hurt your arm When you voted for joe biden voted so hard that you may have come shoe the table. You don't have to respond to that for sure but calling out republican bullshit congratu fucking relations britt hume and tucker carlson. You've convinced another person not to take lifesaving. Vaccine eight worse. Republicans we're calling it. Our march madness tournament. You got a man with no principles. No dignity de sac senator from cancun ted cruz. We're not just talking about what's broken but what each of us can do to fix it support. All of the voting rights organizations where you live because strengthening voting rights everywhere strengthens at for everyone to hit. That subscribe button. Tell your friends about us and appreciate some of the smartest most sophisticated commentary in american politics today. You say meet jockey. No yeah that's worse than a meathead. What's a meat jockey. Chris cuomo basically check it out. We've got a brand new schedule new episodes or up tuesdays and thursdays. Wherever you get your podcast. Did you ever think that you'd have this kind of following podcast.

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