How Was Suspect in Texas School Shooting That Injured 4 Released on Bail?


I also had a bizarre conversation early this morning with a good friend of mine over the news that the eighteen year old. Who's accused of shooting up. That high school in arlington texas. This week got bonded out. After one night in jail one night and he's out on bond the whole country was on edge. Another school shooting. This was not a random school shooting. This apparently happened as the result of a fight. I'm told that eighteen year old timothy simpkins was the young man getting beaten on the video. It's you know as kids do. They took a video a cell phone video of this fight and it really wasn't a fight. It was one guy beating up another guy. Well the guy that was getting beat beat up evidently went into a backpack. After they were the two combatants were pulled apart. Pulled out a gun. Start shooting people shoot at shot. The guy the beat him up pumped four bullets into him he is. I'm told in a medically induced coma on a ventilator right now A twenty five year old teacher was shot in the back to others were injured including a pregnant girl and timothy simpkins free. As a bird he strolled out of the jail cameras. All in tow people taking shots of him. His baseball cap perched johnny on his head smiling. I'm a little baffled by this

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