Joe Biden and the Left Are Waging Their Biggest War on American Soil


The democrats joe biden and this regime. They know exactly what they are doings. Which is armor enemies. And they're waging the true war here. They're real war is the war against the unvaccinated. The war against christians the war against conservatives which is strengthening the security state. And i agree with you. Sub so many establishment republicans think that this is the one thousand nine hundred eighty s. And you know someone who's twenty seven years old. I could tell you that country's not coming back anytime soon. It's done it's over. I want to stop hearing this garbage more. We agreed disagree with a really. Who are you talking about exactly the people that now say that we shouldn't be able to go to restaurants because i don't take an experimental vaccine the people that now say that we are going to restrict. If you have one hundred employees are more we're gonna bring osha in and tell you how to run your business. No there's only one way this ants either we win or we lose and you know what we're going to beat them and we're going to

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