A highlight from Ask The Doctors: J&J Booster, Pfizer For Kids

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Dr phillip land reagan pediatrician public health physician epidemiologist and director of the program for global public health. And the common good at boston. College and dr shira darren infectious disease physician and hospital epidemiologist at tufts medical center. Dr land reagan. Welcome back nice to be with you. Thanks and dr darren. Welcome back to you to write to be back. Thank you so Dr land reagan. This news about the johnson and johnson shot according to the company and a clinical trial. It ran a second dose significantly increases protection against severe sickness and death. What do you make the announcement. It's good news. Obviously anything that leads to robust solid vaccination of more of the population is good. It'll protect the individuals who received the booster near law so contribute to slowing the spread of infections for the community. So dr doron. I feel like over the last few weeks on. Ask the doctors people who have received the. Jj vaccine have been calling in looking for some love looking for any attention. It's not authorized yet. A second dose So in the meantime what should the almost fifteen million recipients of the jj shot kinda do with this information. How should they think about it. I know it's so hard that the j. and j. recipients almost feel like they've been left hanging out try with the lack of information. I think you know the press release. Today john. jay had a couple of really important piece of information will not only does a boost at two months help. Not only does it boost at six months really drive the antibody levels way way up there Twelve times as high but it also stated that the j. j. recipients are not seeing the same kind of waning of immunity that the pfizer recipient single-dose. Jj recipients you mingled those j. and j. recipients and so you know you you don't have to worry as much that things are changing for you over time. Delta does change the equation. It is more transmissible. You have to take more precautions But you're not less protected than you were before which is a good sign. I really hope that when the cdc's acp advisory council mutation practices needs tomorrow and the next day that they address or at least give us some sense of when we can expect to hear something from them regarding their recommendation because there are mix and match studies ongoing where you could get a dose of different vaccine in you know. This just may be a situation where we need some guidance that made me sort of outside of necessarily the fda approval process while the calls are coming in and we already have one on the line on The j. j. vaccine so one eight hundred four two three

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