Episode 230 The Yarn Wall - burst 16

The Moratorium


And i wanna spend some time talking about dick warlock. Let's talk about dick. Podcast was named. Let's talk about dick. We will probably be millionaires by an harrer. There is there are several dick warlock. He has done the stunts for every movie. Okay he's a stunt or stunt coordinator or you name it two hundred thirteen credits in the stunt department and in his trivia he was kurt russell stunt double for over twenty five years man. Yeah i'm looking at a picture of him right now. Dressed as snake plus can that is amazing that if you realize how long ago he started doing. Yeah sure stunts. For kurt russell. We're talking about walt disney era. Yeah for sure. Oh yeah riots. When he was doing stunts four. Wow so i wonder. How old were they when they started. I mean what so okay. Let's do some math. I need to know if he is like kurt. Russell's like i'm not putting on sneakers getting inside that computer make dick do it make this kid do how about nineteen seventy five the strongest man in the world okay. That's his first movie. Right for kurt russell. Now i guess no. He was in black and white movies for christ early. Tv shows so nineteen seventy five. And i remember this movie is rated g. dexter riley and his friends accidentally discover a new chemical mixed with serial seems to give anyone temporary superhuman strength. Man that was like every damn movie for late seventies early eighties. You know. i buy it He did the stunts. Four the illustrated man which we've talked about in depth because a steiger. Yes that. I'd rather loathsome individual individual or greatest actor ever. There's a fine line. Yes if you look. He got tied up in two. Oh there it is. That's what you're talking about the computer that wore tennis shoes. That's eighteen sixty nine god. That's the one that i have seen. The most part of it of his like disney movies awesome. But yes dick. Warlock did the stunts for that as well. Yes yeah. Lots of stunts being done in disney films back in the day. Yeah when there were no laws against that type of thing well then so since he was a teenager. I mean i you know. I would assume he was then came bronson yes. Dick warlock was born in nineteen forty. So that was sixty nine. He was twenty nine during that well but his credit history goes on and on. It's unbelievable if you look. We just brought it up the ultimate warrior. While really the apple dumpling gang. Oh man feel like. I've seen that's Escaped from which mountain stunt double for richard dreyfuss in jaws. Watts never known

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