Dr. Jeff Barke: It's Easier to Call in a Prescription for Oxycontin Than Ivermectin


Let's stay here for a second. So i for my sins. I spent Oh my gosh. Almost thirty years in academia prior to joining the Trump administration i. I hate being called an academic But pay reviews was the big deal. Pablo perez was was the choice of The the expression for those inside of academia Peer review dr balki. It's a joke. I mean it's it's a mutual masturbation society isn't it because you're being reviewed by your body's and therefore it's just a collective group think exercise. This isn't unbiased review. By people who have no vested interests these people have viewpoints. They wanna protect and like crazy. That i mean in theory. It makes sense it sort of like a a trial by your peers Theory in theory but what happens at these journals is that they're all like minded people and up. An article comes through. That is a positive article about ivermectin. They're not even gonna look at it. Let alone review it and so it's almost impossible to get publish. Some of these articles that are critical of karma and critical of vaccines. And so yes. You're right it's a you know it. It saddens me to say but these journals and healthcare agencies have become political in nature and they shouldn't be because when that happens what it's it's patients that suffer and so the science has been corrupted. Patients are being injured as a result and listen every single day now when i call in prescriptions for patients as it relates to cove it. It is literally easier for me to call in a prescription for oxycontin than it is for either

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