The Most Egregious Politicization of Health Policy in US History


Let's talk about the therapeutics that made my covert experience the mildest case of the flu. I've ever had thanks to my doctor. Dr sam pappas on hydroxy December last i had three days of the sniffles felt a little bit tired and that was my experience. Not only that. I don't know why you left it out of your by but it says euros an officer in the. Us army reserve medical costs. God bless you doctor barky for everything you do and are doing to get the truth out there. Let me just start right at the beginning to the mirror. In twenty five years of practice serving your fellow man have you ever ever seen such an egregious politicization of health policy in our nation. Doctor never dr gorka at and it really makes me sad to say this. But some of our healthcare agencies like the fda the cdc unfortunately were realizing now have been captured by industry. And what i mean by that is the funding from the fda in the cdc about fifty percent come from the organizations that their charter to oversee. So the fda used to be entirely funded by taxpayer dollars as it should be and the fda is supposed to work for the american people to keep them safe to oversee pharmaceutical companies including vaccine companies. But now they're funded by the industry in the end the groups they are supposed to be overseeing and

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