A highlight from 202. Junauda Petrus-Nasah


The conversation in your own life and with your own community. Welcome to hey queiroz pammy here first of all. Today a chat with janetta hatteras. Nasa amazing book janata wrote called stars in the blackness between them that i loved. And that is the aug cameras book club pick. You can go to bookshop dot org slash shop slash. Camrys book club and book and not book. That's not what it is by any of the books from a book club so far we're three months in. Why do this. We'll supports queer artists. It also is fun. I have chats with these folks. I'm instagram live. You can walk. You can watch back to my chats with casey mcquilken. Who wrote one last. Stop or john paul bremmer. Who wrote poppy. Also the books are queer. I love reading books. That's the best. Also it helps independent booksellers you by bookshop as opposed to jeff bezos is company You help support the indy bookshops. That make your neighborhood awesome so love this. It's been super fund to do it. And i'm so excited for you to read the stars the blackest between them and to hear today's episode with janata. Hey you know what else i got. Some stand up comedy shows coming up august. Fifteenth will be at dynasty typewriter here in los angeles chosen like six pm. Why because i want to go to bed early and you can't do also august twenty six and twenty seven. I'm doing two shows in brooklyn at the bell house. The twenty six almost told others just like a few tickets left to twenty seven. I'm sure we'll be more tickets.

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