The Mask-Mandate Debate Is Back as COVID-19 Cases Surge in the U.S.


In the us in that fourth wave of covert. There could be a major shift in the cdc's mask recommendations men. An alarming number of new cases. Nationwide making fitzgerald has the latest tonight. The worst case scenario among the unvaccinated. If you're like going back into battle again and it's definitely it's definitely a another way. The highly contagious delta variant fuelling a surge of new cases across the country dire warnings from the nation's top. Dr going into the fall with the delta variant we could have a really serious problem with a considerable surge of infections the variant sweeping through the south texas arkansas and florida accounting for forty percent of new cases in the country but in miami thousands packing a stadium for a live concert here literally drowning and people as the cdc now says they could recommend mass for the fully vaccinated indoors joining cities like los angeles. St louis and new orleans but in arkansas a new law banning mass mandates goes into effect. This week it's important and not to have the current debate about mask wearing but have the current emphasis on getting a vaccine only forty nine percent of the country's fully vaccinated those without the shots making up ninety nine point five percent of cova deaths frontline workers once again with urgent please to the public. We are seeing younger patients. All unvaccinated are sicker. Dr michael building has been working in the cove award in fayetteville arkansas. Since the start of the pandemic he seeing more kobe patients now than ever before. What would it mean. The union collie more people vaccinated less pain and suffering and call less families to tell them their their loved. Ones didn't make it.

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